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    How come giants pricing arent available on becketts OPG, Example barber, jurevicius RC's wheatly taylor

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I went on to Becketts OPG and found 1,659 cards with a total value of 104.50....LOL this can't be right. Maybe Beckett is updating their site.

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    What cards are you looking for specifically.

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    It could mean a couple of things.

    1. Not enough were released so they can't give it a price.

    2. It is crap and not worth it.

    List the Tiki cards you need a price for and maybe i can help. Who knows stranger things have happened.

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    ill have to find them again later. I just did a OPG serch for tiki barber and every one of his cards says N/A. Do you use the OPG?

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    hhey post the trade 5 for 5 card the alfonso for the cards that iam gettting

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