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Thread: Looking for Jason Kubel RC's

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    Looking for Jason Kubel RC's

    Particularly bowman chrome auto (any) and bowmans best auto (any)

    Let me know what you have.

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    i know its not a bowan chrome or bowmans best but i have a bowman regular kubel, and a gold one i think

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    I'd be interested in them, and I would have asked for them, but I really don't know what I'd have to trade for them. They book .75 and 1.50 respectively. The only stuff I maintain as far as my trade list goes is stuff over $25.

    Do you have any Puckett, Morneau, or Mauer autos?

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    nope and i just realized i only have the regular rc, so it may be hard to make a deal sorry

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    thanks for offering them, I appreciate it anyway. :)

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    u know what, if you send an sase and leave good feedback i could just give you the kubel, how bout that, lmk

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