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    Will give cc for kevin garnett base/inserts.

    Hi dont have much but I would give someone around 30 cc for a kevin garnett base card. I am flexiable.

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    are you looking for base cards of any other players? I just traded away all my KG cards about 4 months ago.

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    Nope just kevin garentt sorry.

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    I have to go out for a little while today but I know I have at least 4 base cards of him and a couple of inserts left that I could trade I will reply as soon as I look with the cards that I have and the amount of cc I would want.

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    Sorry I took so long I forgot about this thread I have 4 base cards that i found and no inserts yet. I will look more. In the mean time if you need any of these cards or all feel free to make an offer.

    1998-1999 Hoops
    2000-2001 SP Authentic
    1998-1999 Fleer Tradition
    1999-2000 Hoops Decade

    All cards are in mint condition I will trade sell or take cc. Either PM or reply here with an offer. Total BV is $5.00.

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    Need all except the hoops decade I will give you all my cc for them. plmk

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    If you didn't make the deal, I have a few KG base also, from SP Authentic, Upper Deck, and Topps Chrome. LMK, I will take CC for them.

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    I haven't been able to find him because he hasn't been on since his last reply I would like to make the trade so I am waiting. If it doesn't work out I will let you know.

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