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Thread: Looking to make some trades

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    Looking to make some trades

    Check my photobucket for most for my better cards, or if you want a detailed list of everything I have for trade, check my site (both in my sig)

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    MJackson3CW24-I'm interested in both or either of these, check my site link also in sig,Thanks, Dan

    2005 Press Pass Autograph Gold Marion Barber III #NNO 036/100
    2004 UD Foundations Jersey Steven Jackson RC #246 0481/1299 (White Jersey)

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    dpono22 - I traded the Barber yesterday and I didn't see anything I need for the Jackson. Sorry

    polly4112 - I didn't see anything I need. Sorry

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    i'm interested in all these:
    2005 Reflections Autograph Gold Chris Brown #SRCB 61/89
    2005 Zenith Z-Jersey Gold Rudi Johnson #Z15 027/100 (White/Orange Patch with stitching)
    2005 SAGE Gold Jersey Vernand Morency #J13 7/25 (White/Orange/Black Jersey) (4 stripes)
    my tradelist is here:
    lmk thanks necron 9d9

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    necron9d9 - How much BV do you want in trade for this?

    Dan Orvlovsky 05 sage premium auto /10

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    MJackson3CW24- i'm actually holding it right now waiting to hear back from someone. thinking around 40/maybe 50 at most.
    anything else of mine you liked?
    lmk thanks necron 9d9

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    necron 9d9 - That was pretty much all I seen that I can use. Sorry

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    i'll pm ya if the trade on the orvlovsky falls threw. thanks necron

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