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Thread: 86 Fleer Update Barry Bonds RC

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    86 Fleer Update Barry Bonds RC

    I need another 86 Fleer Update Barry Bonds RC

    I sent the one out from my set to grading and luckily got it back a PSA 10 (SWEET LOL) but a buddy of mine just made me a offer i couldnt say no too for it so now i just need another one to keep my set filled

    so if you have one please let me know and what you want for it (i'll trade baseball or football and in this case would probably give ya a GU or auto for it)

    LMK though

    and likely if i get a few reply's i'll take more then one LOL

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    LOL I havent gotten another yet but lets get real here nobody's gonna trade a bush auto for this bonds LOL

    what do you want for the Bonds???

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    Flemingtime - i would be interested in all 4 of your bonds RC's, as well as your Clemens and UpperDeck Griffey RC

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