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    Lebron RCs for other Lebron RCs

    I have 3 mid level Lebron RCs FT/FS

    03-04 Ultra Gold Medallion Lucky 13 (bv $80)
    03-04 Bowman Chrome (bv $80)
    03-04 Bowman ($35)

    I'm looking for a higher end or equal value Lebron RC such as:
    Finest, E-X, Flair, UD Inspirations XRC, Fleer Authentix, Fleer Avant, Fleer Focus, Fleer Genuine Insider, Fleer Mystique, Fleer Showcase, Skybox LE, SP Game Used, SP Signature Edition, Topps Jersey Edition, Ultra L13 (not gold medallion), Upperdeck Hardcourt, Upperdeck Sweet Shot, UD Black Diamond.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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