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    Trading these Basketball and Baseall for Football!

    I am looking to trade these for Football.....LMK wat you want and leave a site!


    2002-03 Fleer Premium Court Collection Shawn Marion
    2003-04 Topps Cont. Coll. Performance Tribute Triples Steve Francis/Baron Davis/J-Rich (#'d 012/250)
    2003-04 Upper Deck Triple Dimensions 3-D Warmups Baron Davis (#'d 485/999)
    2004-05 Hoops Hot Prospects Hot Materials Baron Davis
    2005-06 First Row PTP Relics Dual Steve Nash


    Randy Johnson Upper Deck Sweet Spot Threads
    2005 Leaf Century Collection Michael Young Jersey/Stamp #24/69
    2003 Fleer Genuine Longball Threats Single Swatch Carlos Delgado Jsy/Chavez
    04 UD Diamond Collection Dean's List Vladimir Guerrero Jsy w/stripe

    Baseball RC's - Baseball RC's
    Mark Mcgwire - Topps Commemorative reprint
    Randy Johnson - Score
    Deion Sanders - UD
    Nic Ungs - Topps
    Zack Greinke/Jimmy Gobble - Topps future Stars
    Khalil Greene/bernie Castro - Topps Future Stars
    Blake Hawksworth - Topps
    Andy Benes - Donruss Rated Rookie
    Alex Sanchez - Donruss Rated Rookie
    Sandy Alomar Jr. - Donruss Rated Rookie
    Marquis Grissom - Donruss rated Rookie
    Greg Vaughn - Donruss Rated Rookie
    Greg Vaughn UD
    Ken Griffey Jr. Donruss Diamond Kings
    Frank Thomas - Score 1st round pick

  2. Kronozio
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    Like your triple jersey, Steven Nash jersey, and Vlad jersey.

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    polly - I like your Vick GU....

    Do you know the bv on it?

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    I think it books $20. Not 100% sure because I don't look at the BV but thats what someone told me.

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    if the card number on the vick is MH-36 then yes it is bv $20$

    I am still interested in the Smith also....can I get the year, brand, and card number on it?


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    2002-03 Fleer Premium Court Collection Shawn Marion
    intersred in this check my site thankks


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    Yes, thats the Vick.
    Rod Smith- 2002 Upper Deck First Team Fabrics #FT-RS

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    polly - the Triple GU books for $25$ and the Smith books for $8$

    We can either do the Triple GU for the Smith and Vick but then you would be trading me up $3$ so if you wanted I could add something...


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