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Thread: retail and hobby?

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    retail and hobby?

    what is the difference between the two? is one better than the other? and does one have cards the other dosent? thank -kenny

  2. Kronozio
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    Hobby is better....You have a better chance of getting Game Used or Autographed cards

    Retail is also normally searched before you b uy it.

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    hobby= exspensive but has more bang for your buck
    retail= cheap hardly ever get anything but it is fun none the less

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    They normally run the same price........ Maby hobby is a dollar more in some cases

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    so hobby is like card shops and retail is for like walmart and target and other stores of that nature?

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    umm the last i check hobby is around 4-6 bux a pack and u can get retail for bout 1-3

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    Hmm well then your retail is cheap my retail is 3-4 with hobby normally 4 to a high 5

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