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Thread: quick price check??

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    quick price check??

    need a current pice on the following:

    89 score tim brown
    89 score chris carter
    85 topps dan marino
    80 topps walter payton

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    Tim Brown 1989 Score- 5 to 12 dollars
    Chris Carter 1989 Score- same value as Brown card
    Dan Marino 1985 Topps- same
    Walter Payton 1980- 6 to 12 dollars

    Hope this helps

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    no problem, u had some good pulls I really liked the Walter Payton, Im a UGA fan.

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    i dont have them....i was trying to trade for them, but the guy was trying to tell me that the prices i quoted (same prices as above) were off...he wanted like $10-$15 more on each card and said he got the prices from the opg...i knew what they booked, just needed some others to back me up...thanks!!

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    well he is wrong, I got the prices right here in Beckett and my issue is current dont let him screw u over

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    trust me man, ive been doing this for 20+ years, i dont get screwed over when it comes to prices!! i know my stuff....just needed others casue aparently my word isn't good enough

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    LOL, Don't you love it when people have no idea what they are talking about or are just trying to lie.

    P.S. Got the Fitz and Boldin today. Thanks alot!!


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