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Thread: Shane Victorino

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    Shane Victorino

    I could really use a Shane Victorino Bowman Rookie card
    Willing to trade a GU for it! Check my site

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    Hey carheels im am about 95 percent sure i have one of these, lmk im gunna go searching now lol

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    whats the bv for the victorino i like the john olerud jsy, lmk if we can work somthing out or what i can add

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    hey braves, nice, um i actually am not sure of the bv, as my newest beckett is like 5 months old, and victorinos value probably went up since if u have any commons from bowman 04, 05, or bowman dp 05 u could throw them in, b/c i believe the bv is like 3 or so...thanks

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    the card is not listed in the newest regular beckett so i wouldnt feel right tradin for a gu, how about this do you have braves or astros rookie that has bv around 2 or 3 dollars lmk

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    is it the 2003 bowman victorino? if u have any 2005 or 2004 bowman draft picks u could throw in with it id trade it for a game used...If not i found a willy taveras 2004 bowman chrome card, a brooks conrad 2004 bowman chrome and a zach miner 2004 bowman chrome card. All are first year cards, not sure of value? let me know what u think

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    well i dont have any of those, but i could do it for the willy taveras lmk

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    ok do you know how to post it, if so post it and i will send out soon

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