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    Thumbs up Trading Player/Team lots for Low-End Jrsys

    Have tons Taking all offers.
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    Cleaning out my Cards LMK who you need.Kobe,Bron,Wade all gone but the bucket.

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    I doubt you will get any takers.I recommend bigger lots or rcs if u plan to do this

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    Thanks.But I think its fair enough.a 6-12BV GU/GW -vs- 8-15+BV Base/Inserts.Plus theres the shipping difference but what would you suggest.

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    Most people wold not trade base for gu or autos.For example i could easily put together 2,000 bucks in base for a mj auto bv 1000.No one would do this trade.Maybe a way you could get some gu is trade rc lots for it.It doesnt have to be stellar rookies.Maybe a couple or so.

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    I'm not trying to trade for 1000$ MJ card just a 6$ Mike Miller Jrsy to use as Trade Bait.Also helping others with their Base and Insert needs so I think it works out pretty fair.

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