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Thread: If You Want Base Let Me Know!!

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    Smile If You Want Base Let Me Know!!

    I want to clean out my cards and would like to sell/trade base cards. If you respond to the thread I will get you a list as soon as possible. I have a lot of star players, just let me know.

    And can someone give me a list of the listed star veterans in the newest beckett? Thanks PLMK

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    Base of Dwyane Wade?
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    pm me with total amt. of base and what you are looking to get for them, maybe I can take them all regardless of who as long as they are bkb, thanks

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    swill- actually, at the moment i have donated all of my base that book $1 and less, so the only base i have left are the ones that book $1 or more, which means most are superstars, but not as many quantity as before

    if you are looking for certain superstars let me know
    and i also have a lot of rookies that book $1 and more

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    Got Any RC's of?
    Sean May
    Raymond Felton

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