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Thread: my trade page

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    Interested in the Jamaal Tinsley Pristine RC. It now has a bv of $5. Let me know if there's any Kobe or Iverson you need from my site:

    Cards are listed alphabetically by player. Thanks,


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    tinsley rc

    Hey Zagrid, your interested in my tinsley pristine rc. I would trade it for one of your iverson inserts. Send me a nice one. PM me your address and I will get the tinsley shipped out. Please send an insert that books a little higher seeing as how this is a rc. LMK if this okay.


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    cbc2112 - Best Iverson insert I have is this one:

    02-03 Fleer Premium Prime Time # 3 PT #'d 0900/1500 bv 6

    Let me know if that's alright, and I'll send you my address. Thanks!

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    I'm interested in this:
    Shaquille O’Neal 01-02 Topps Shaq Attack Jersey card SA1 BV $40

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    My son is interested in your A-Train sophmore auto, and the Shaq Attack jersey, LMK. Check our page.

    Thanks Ray

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