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Thread: Mail Day

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    Mail Day

    Well I finally got the Brett Favre card for the set I am trying to complete:

    2004 Donruss Classics Significant Signatures Platinum (#'d to 25)

    This saga can be followed here

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    But...this came in the mail today!!!:new_shock

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    He was having problems recieving it was the deal, getting the normal excuse stories from the ebay seller on why it wasnt there.

    Nice card man, good luck on the rest!

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    Sweet pick up. Good luck on acquiring the rest. It will be sweet once done. How you going to display them?

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    well i was wondering if something was since he said ...but this came in the mail today as if the wrong card was sent. if nothing is wrong then sweet card

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    No...all is well. I was concerned about actualy receiving this card in the mail. I did get the run around from the seller on eBay. But, it is here. This is the 4th best card in the set, 1st Reggie White, 2nd Paul Hornung, 3rd Bart Starr and 4th...#4 Brett Favre.

    So now the Green Bay circle is complete anyways.

    I just keep them in with all the other cards I have.

    Thanks for listening to me talk about this stuff...I will keep you posted.

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    sweet card! ill keep a look out for the others you need.

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    Thanks...any help is appreciated. I can almost smell the end zone. I have bids right now on eBay for the Trent Green and the Quincy Wilson.

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