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    Cool I need ccs, 1955 topps Dusty Rhodes for trade

    1955 Topps Dusty Rhodes, minor bends n corners, not to bad for vintage for ccs, make some offers

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    The book value on it is 50, so Ide say the real book value because of condition is about 35. So 50 cc is not a good price.

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    I don't think he is going to give away a neary 50 year old card for just 100cc.

    NRExpress-I think you should state a price that you think is fair and see what people offer then. I think some people think 5-10 dollar value for each 100cc. It varies with each different member.

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    yea post a price you are asking and i might meet it

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    Thats the thing

    I have no idea what ccs to dollar exchange is, could someone help me.

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    Well generally I have seen about 100 CC go for around $3-$4. For that card I would say about 1200 CC is right.

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