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Thread: much too trade

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    much too trade

    check out what i have for trade/ sell
    note: everything is for sale at 1/2 b.v.

    check out links below,thanks
    let me know what ya have in my wants

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    01 Fleer Authority # 108 Deuce McAllister #'d 0377/1350 Mint 9
    01 UD Graded Rooke Series # 53 L. Tomlinson Portrait #'d 192/500
    and the mcnabb GU
    what do these book?

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    im interested in these:
    sage arnaz battle auto

    lmk the bv and what u want for it, thanks

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    i've got a alstott gu'd on my trade page and some others of his lmk if interested...........joe (lost you on my msn mess. i think the worm did it!)

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