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Thread: A little help

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    A little help

    I am considering buying this card, it says it is a box topper. Are the box toppers from this set the same size, or bigger then the regular cards? If they are bigger can you please give me the size.

    Thanks in Advance



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    No Idea on size but that is a very sweet card. Good luck, can't see it closing for less than $50.

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    Nice card, especially L.T, one of the key defensive player revolutionaries(he allowed d-Coordinator to get real creative)

    BOX LOADERS (1 per box)
    21 Turkey Red Cabinet Cards (5 ¾” x 8”)
    15 Autographed Cabinet Cards (5 ¾” x 8”) (Includes Marino, L.T. & Kyle Orton)
    10 B-18 Blankets

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