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Thread: Some Mojo Ft

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    Some Mojo Ft

    I went to Target and bought a bunch of those 9.99 Gameused/Possible Auto packs...Here's what I got:
    Dirk Nowitzki 2000 Autographics #NNO BV 60
    Gary Payton '00 Fleer Feel the Game GU'd

    Carl Yastremski '01 Fleer Platinum National Patch Time #NNO
    Sammy Sosa '04 Fleer Legacy Hit Kings 2 CLR patch #HK/SS BV??
    Hank Blalock UD Classic Portraits Classics Stitches #GJ-HB (129/299)
    Khalil Greene '03 Bowmans Autograph #SOF-KG

    Larry Fitzgerald '04 Fleer Tradtions Rookie Throwback Threads Jersey Card #TT-LF
    Duece McAllister '01 Fleer hot Prospects rookie Postmarks (744/1825)
    Steve Young '01 Fleer Focus Tag Team #TTSY
    Dante Stallworth '04 Fleer Sweet Sigs Sweet Stitches Patch card #ST-DS BV??

    How do you think I did..and all are for trade for good autos..Chuck

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    I like the fitz and young gu...please check my list

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    Did not see any autos I was intrested in..

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    I think you did pretty well. I would have loved to pull the Dirk.

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    How many did you buy and what do they look like? I might have to make a target run tomorrow!

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    Chuck, would like to get the Dirk.
    plmk if there is anything on my tade page you like. Would give the Duncan or Reggie Miller autos bv $80 for it.

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    interested in the following:
    Khalil Greene '03 Bowmans Autograph #SOF-KG

    please check site and lmk


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    om intrested in the dirk as well..please look over my site

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    Links they were hanging and had plastic encased..they packaging said guaranteed one GU or auto per pack and one unopened pack 9.99 ea.

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    ok, I've bought those in the past but they were mainly Pacific stuff. Someone must of got ahold of some decent Fleer stuff.

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