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Thread: I'm going to hell

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    Talking I'm going to hell

    I went to the BX on my base because I heard that they sell cards there. Well, I picked out 2 boxes of 2003 Playoff Absolute memorabilia baseball and 1 box of 2003 Playoff Prestige Football. They mark the boxes by the the price of each pack. Well the lady rung me up and I guess she just entered the price on the sticker (price of each pack). I paid with my debit card and and was driving home and then I looked at the receit and noticed that she only charged me $8.95 for all three boxes total. I didn't go back and feel guilty but oh well.

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    I wouldn't say you are going to hell, maybe you will just roam the earth as a lost soul or something. LOL You feel guilty but you didn't do it intentially and was not your fault. How much would they normally cost all together?

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    Originally posted by CaliforniaSoxfan
    Oh about $205.20
    Well its not your fault that the store hires stupid people.
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    Randy Johnson Tools of the Trade Gu Jersery
    John Webb rookie #1387/1500
    Pat Burrell, Joe Borchard, Carlos Delgado, Craig Biggio Tools of the Trade inserts
    Toby Hall GU Jersey
    Todd Helton/Larry Walker Team Tandem insert
    Rafael Palmeiro Total bases insert

    McGahee Rookie
    Charles Rogers rookie
    Terence Newman rookie
    Jerry Rice/Terrell Owens League leader insert
    Drew Bledsoe/Aaron Brooks League leader insert

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    what do the bledsoes and mcgahees book im interested if u are trading

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    The bledsoe is $4. I'm collecting McGahees so I'm not giving them up unless I have duplicates

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