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    SELLING EVERYTHING! paypal accepted

    hey everyone. it's been a while since i've been on this forum, but i'm selling everything I have! I accept paypal/neteller/cash/money order, or even a transfer of money on a poker site! LMK if there's anything of interest! If you want cheaper inserts/base/rcs lmk who you want and i'll make up a list. my site is MY WEBPAGE!



  2. Kronozio
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    Do you still need your cardcash? I could buy some. Lmk what price ratio. Thanks

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    sorry, I'm only selling.....or at the very least majority cash and trade but most likely i'll just be selling

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    im really interested in that MJ UNC floor
    What Kind of bv would you be looking for in a card with
    $5 cash for the MJ

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    ahh ok well if it doesnt work out then please pm me and lmk

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    hey man i like the melo gu and some of the rookies so if i could get a list of the prices youd sell the rookies at thatd be sweet and i dont got paypal so lmk if cash works thanks

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