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Thread: What Luck!

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    What Luck!

    I remember like it was yesturday... I had a box of Jeter Flakes and noticed that there was a note on the bottom saying "Win a Derek Jeter Autographed Jersey! 1 of 50!" I thought how cool it would be to get it... The next morning I got up and was really sick... I opened up the box and poured a bowl of cereal... Out into my bowl came a wrapped card. It said,"INSTANT WINNER" You have just Won a DEREK JETER AUTOGRAPHED JERSEY!" My sickness flew me by and a month later I recieved my jersey in the mail... What are the chances... Anyone have an estimate on the price on a Derek Jeter Auto jersey?

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    Wow! Very cool jeet. Congrats on the nice cereal pull.

    lol. That's the first time I've ever said that.


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    Haha, eating the "Jeter Flakes". Where do you get them? Anyway, that is a great pull. Sure beats paying upwards of $100 for his Authentix version /250.


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