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Thread: Need Last Months Becketts

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    Talking Need Last Months Becketts

    The only card shop in my town closed last month and I now have nowhere to buy any Becketts. Does anyone have copies of last months becketts (Need BB, BKB, FB,& Hockey that they no longer need and could send me. I could probably trade a low end GU card for them if someone could send all at one time.

    PLMK if anyonecan help me out.


  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    just a option why dont you just buy a online subscription for the same price as a beckett $4.99 and you get a complete listing more indepth than the beckett monthy and u can subscribe to all for there own separate charge bb,bkb,fb,etc... just thought this might help since your shop closed down this is much easier online!

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