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Thread: Im lazy........

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    Im lazy........

    I have about 1000 cards not on my site all autos game used RCs and inserts, I want to trade as much as I can without having to list and scan them all. So please let me know who yhou collect thanks.

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    football wantlist:julius jones,roy williams(dallas),Kellen winslow,priest holmes,T.O
    Basketball wanlist: kobe bryant.Amare Stoudemire ,shawn marion,Dwyane Wade,hakim warrick,steve nash
    lmk me what you got thanks

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    Hey!!!!! I'm Looking for Newer Peyton & Eli Manning Inserts & GU....


    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!

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    theproudestmonkey - Roscoe Parish Ultimate RC auto, no Wiliamson

    bballer- I like the you leborn I can trade you a Julius Jones 05 LCM Blue or Refections Green

    jlepa823 - I only have a few lower end Inserts ect.

    trains- Peyton- UC #'d base, Turkey Red Red ad back, Absolute Tandems w/ James, Gridiron Gear /100
    Eli- Zenith Autmn Warriors w/Namath

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    im very interested!! its the base rookie /225?? check my sites for it please

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    SLPNTZ-Finest RC, 04 Bowman Jersey, 04 LCM Jersey, 04 UD finite Jersey, 05 LCM jersey w/Clayton, 04 Ultimate Jersey, 04 Sweet Swatch

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