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    you should try to add a nice background or color to it. Its good you have scans to all the cards though.


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    I just want it to be plain. I'm not gonna enter it for any awards, I want people to focus on the cards only. Thanks for the thought though.

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    hey.. what u lookin for.. those packer autos are really jumpin out at me.. hehe.. i would trade for any that packer stuff


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    I know this is a football post, but I like your Trammel auto. Is there anything on my site you can use? Please pm me if interested.

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    pr0phet, i like mostly baseball autos and griffey autos and game-used. I like steelers autos also.

    cardinal, i will trade that card as soon as the BVs come out on it. that way we know for sure everything is fair. know what i mean?

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    Ill see what i can dig up for ya.. i could really use that packer stuff


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