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Thread: 05 Topps Chrome Set

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    05 Topps Chrome Set

    got bored and going through some of my 05 RC boxes i've got a fair amount of the 05 Chrome RCs, so being i've got nothing else to do till later on LOL im gonna go ahead and build this set , and i'd like to have it done this weekend LOL

    need a majority of the set cause i've got VERY FEW of the base but luckily i've got the better RC's

    LMK what all you got and i'll go through and tell ya what i've actually got

    and i'll trade 1 card for a lot of so many cards, or let me know what you want for em


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    i got bradly and parrish rookies...think thats all i got left ungraded

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    LOL i can use em but is that a sign there ungraded cause there bad offcentered or bent??? or just cause you didnt care to spend the $$$ on those???? LOL

    but yes i'd be interested

  5. #4, they are fine, sending you a pm buddy!!

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    2 down, a ton to go LOL

    bump this up

    come on guys, i know a bunch of you have what i need

    i'll trade RC's , inserts, Game Used, the goods to get what i need!!!!

    gimme some lists of what you got!!!!

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    i know its possible to knock this set out this weekend

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