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Thread: Have 50CC to spend

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    Have 50CC to spend

    Never really messed with this card cash... but I have 50 of it now... and am looking for anything in my sig I guess.

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    Gators cards for CC

    I have these Florida Gators cards to offer you for the 50CC

    Reche Caldwell: 02' Exclusive RC #148
    Taylor Jacobs: 03' Ultra rc # 172
    Jabar Gaffney: 02' Press Pass Rookie Chase RC # 5
    02' Private Stock RC # 114
    Rex Grossman: 03' Press Pass JE RC # 13
    03' Press Pass JE Tin RC # 13
    Andra Davis: 02' Pacific RC # 460

    Please lmk

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    trade for CC

    Or let me know what you feel they are worth in CC the book hi-beckett for $15


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    That's fine if it is 50cc dlvd.. won't try to haggle ya down or anything lol .. I am about to run out for the afternoon, if you can post the trade I'll get your 50 cc to you later tonight.

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    Trade posted! Trade ID is: 17327

    thanks again & I will get the cards in the mail to you Thurs. 6/29


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