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    Hello could use some vintage help :)

    Hello, im new to the forum here, just signed up :) I don't know where to post this post so i thought i would start here. Im 25 and a pretty advanced collector, I buy all kinds of stuff all the time and sell alot also. (I will have some mantles, and marris, cards for sale in a week or two all doubles of what i have so if anyone is interested in that kind of stuff drop me a line and i will put them up before they go on ebay) I am a website developer and will put up a site shortly to show off some of my collection to you guys. I made it to an auction this afternoon finally and made some buys I guess I can share with you guys. This is what i bought:

    Jay Novachek Mini Helmet Autographed
    1984 Topps Dan Marino #124 MNT (40 of them) BV is about $15 each i think
    Coco Crisp Autographed Game Used Bat
    Coco Crisp Authentic Autographed Jersey
    Andy Petitte Autographed Jersey Steiner
    Paul Hornung Autographed Football
    1934-1936 Batter Up #23 Lefty Gomez (value $200)
    1934-1936 Batter Up #14 Pie Traynor (value $200)
    1934-1936 Batter Up #16 Chuck Hafey (value $200)
    1940 Playball #168 Honus Wagner (value $350)
    1933 Goudey #89 Tris Speaker (value $500)
    1933 Goudey cards #41,71,84,100,101,115,131,173 (unlisted commons)
    1934 Goudey Lefty Gomez (value $150)
    1934 Goudey Ferrell (value $120)
    1934 Goudey Paul Waner (value $275)
    1934 Goudey Bill Terry (value $275)
    1934 Goudey KiKi Cuyler (value $450)
    1934 Goudey Dizzy Dean (value $800)
    1935 Diamond Stars "Schoolboy" Rowe (value $250)
    1935 Diamond Stars Robert Rolfe (value $225)
    1935 Diamond Stars KiKi Cuyler (value $150)
    1935 Diamond Stars Manush (value $150)
    1948 Topps Photos Tris Speaker (3 cards)

    Ok now that you see my weakness for cards (those were all purchased today) I have a question for any of you experienced guys in the vintage area. The last card i listed was the '48 Triss Speak Topps Photo cards. These are some kind of miniatures very very small and was the first time i personally have ever seen them, although they may be prevelent I don't know. Here is a photo I threw up

    If anyone can tell me anything about these cards or what the value might be, it would be enormously appreciated.

    And I would like to say hello to everyone and look forward to doing a bit of business here :)

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    hey welcome to the site, there arent much vintage collectors here unfortunatly, are you looking to move these two? If so what would you like in return? I have mostly 1950s-70s and a bunch not listed on my site, lmk thanks.

    1940 Playball #168 Honus Wagner (value $350)
    1934-1936 Batter Up #14 Pie Traynor (value $200)

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    Thanks aiancwebb for the welcome, im not looking to selling these cards at the moment. Let me get my wits about me on the site and get a trading site up (will be easy enough since thats what i do) and then i will start some trading and such

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    very nice, I'd like to get them but there out of my price range!! and your to advanced a collector for me to say they're overly abundant, PLUS I'm way to honest.

    they come from the Topps Magic Photos set, there's like 250 cards in the set. I believe they are listed as an "R Class" within the vintage collecting circle.

    Welcome to SCF if we keep getting Vintage collectors, there's no reason we can't make this a great place to talk & trade vintage (there's some top-notch tools in place for trading) .
    Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.
    As of May 2017 ~ STILL Collect the following --> ALL 01-04 UD SP Legendary cuts Mlb G/U *Also, Topps insert Sp's.
    1985T Mlb mini's issue(Canadian release)
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    here is what i have found so far, the set contained 252 cards of only which 19 were baseball
    1 Lou Boudreau
    2 Cleveland Indians
    3 Bob Elliott
    4 Cleveland Indians 4-3
    5 Cleveland Indians 4-1
    6 Babe Ruth
    7 Tris Speaker <<<<<<<<<<<<<<two of these are mine
    8 Rogers Hornsby
    9 Connie Mack
    10 Christy Mathewson
    11 Honus Wagner
    12 Grover Alexander
    13 Ty Cobb
    14 Lou Gehrig
    15 Walter Johnson
    16 Cy Young
    17 George Sisler
    18 Johnny Evers / Joe Tinker
    19 Third Base Cleveland Indians <<<<<<<<<<< i have this one also

    now if only i can find some kind of valuation on them

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