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    Cool 2006 playoff prestige base needed!!!!!!

    this is all i need for the 2006 prestige base set.....any help would be nice....thanks


    2,10,12,15,17,25,26,29,31,36,39,42,44,54,57,59,68, 69,72,74,82,83,86,93,96,99,130

    if looking for the set too,i have plenty of base cards for trade!!!!!!!!!!

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    I have 2 boxes of base set, so im sure I have what you need, just going to go through them and pull them out for you. If you want to arrange a trade LMK what card or cards you would put up for them, or we can arrange a paypal deal if possible. Thanks

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    i got these

    2,10,12,15,25,26,29,36,39,42,44,57,68, 69,72,82,83,86,93,96,99,130.

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    Alright, pulled all of them out, and I have every one of the cards you need, in tip top shape.. LMK

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    jraba=do you have any rcs for trade?????lmk

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    From the 06 Prestige Set? i have Jimmy Williams, Brad Smith, Michael Robinson Xtra Points and Greg Jennings

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    do you have any of these???????for trade as well!!!!!!

    any year ultra lucky 13
    any year prestige sp rcs

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    umm dont have any prestige sp rcs and i think i have 2 lucky 13 Rc's , but they are gold medallion parallels

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    could you lmk which ones you have??????

    would you be interested in this?????

    2004 donruss elite philip rivers rc #/500(bv$25)

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    Actually i have 3 from 2004 Ultra

    Kevin Jones, Larry Fitz, and Rashaun Woods - combined BV is $36

    I might be interested in the rivers RC.. have anything else that is high value like that card?

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