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    Pittsburgh fans

    I'm making a trip this week to pnc park in pittsburgh, I am not from the area and have never been there. I was wondering if any pittsburgh fans or someone that has been there could give me some info about getting autos before the game. Is it a decent park for autos before games?

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    I've been there before, and was very successful.
    It was an interleague game (Devil Rays were very good about signing), and I was even able to get a few Pirate players (Jack Wilson, Jose Mesa, and Mike Gonzalez).

    Your in luck, because my World Champion Chicago White Sox will be in town this week.
    Bad part is, they do not sign too much on the road...I was in Cincy last weekend to see them play, and barely got any from them (at least 15,000 Sox fans were there, it was nuts).

    Best of luck though,

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