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    Misc items for B-Ball g/u and Autos

    Lmk what you have for trade.. Mainly want wade but will look at all lists
    Computer items:
    VGA Video Card p/n: 9817-30 fcc-id: ICUVGA-GW817D
    EtherPCI LAN CARD II fcc-id:KFYE350
    RAM-PC100 64mb
    Avance Logic Gaming/Midi sound card p/n:MPB-000122
    10.2 gb hard drive ( I dont know what is on it )

    PS2 Games:
    ESPN world series of baseball 2k3
    FIFA 2001
    Madden 01
    Gran turismo 3

    Most Wanted
    Rush Hour 2
    6th Man
    Mr. Nice Guy
    Orange County
    Dumb and Dumberer
    SNL best of Chris Farley
    SNL best of Will Ferrell
    couple XXX also must be 18*

    Griffey Jr.
    Ricky Williams
    Jevon Kearse

    Big Heads Headliners:(still in package )
    Larry Johnson

    out of package:
    Antoine Walker

    other figures in package:
    Juwan Howard

    Dvds not Original case:
    Planes trains automobiles
    Fast times at ridgemont high
    All the right moves
    Life Aquatic
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    VGA Video Card p/n: 9817-30 fcc-id: ICUVGA-GW817D

    RAM-PC100 64mb

    Check my recent posts for card FT.......

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    i cant find your tradelist. can you post it here or give me a list of some g/u and autos you have
    im mainy interested in wade,lebron,kobe,D Howard recent rookies g/u and autos *03-04 and up
    some shaq and iverson g/u.. but i can just look at a list becasue im intereste din others also

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    First can you give me a price range on the ram and the VGA card.
    Also can you tell me the company and how much use these items have had.

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    video card - S3 Trio

    As for use of items i have no idea. I bought a computer at a Company Auction and noticed it had a really expensive Sound card in it
    sound card sells new for $250 so i decided to try and sell the parts individually.

    value im looking for:
    video card i could sell around here for prob $25 cash so id take $30 dlvd..
    bv id need around or close to $100
    Ram sells for $10 on ebay- i could sell for 10 dlvd
    or take bv-40.. or both for bv120

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    sorry ram sells between 6-10.. just found on e on there for 6
    Lmk if your interested in any of them

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