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    Darius Miles Auto's FOR TRADE!!

    I have the following Auto's of Darius Miles for trade. I am looking to trade for Auto's that catch my eye in BB, BKB, & FB. If interested in trading for the Miles Auto's let me know what Auto's you have for trade or make an offer. Thank you

    03-04 UD Glass Auto Focus $25
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    hey i could go a chris duhon bowman signature edition rookie auto/jersey bv 25 for the reflections jameer nelson auto u got and the hardcourt d miles lmk if ur interested thanks

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    What team or players are you interested in? i only have a few autos
    Would you trade g/u for it?

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    tanner22: No interest in Duhon, sorry. Thanks though

    brandonb110: Only looking for Auto's that catch my eye, sorry. Thanks though

    List Updated

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    UD Glass Auto still available for trade. LMK if anyone needs it. Thank you

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