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    Talking NEED PAYPAL!! Shaq / Jordan / Lebron....All F/S

    Gotta make as much paypal as i can in the next 48 hours!! any help appreciated...MAKE OFFERS on what you need...PM IS PREFERED....thanks in advance!!

    03-04 Lebron Ultra RC (x2) (from the hummer packages)

    92-93 Shaq Topps RC
    92-93 Shaq Classic 4 Sport MCDONALDS RC
    92-93 Shaq Upper Deck All Star RC
    93-94 Shaq Upper Deck #469
    94-95 Shaq Classic Center of Attention
    01-02 Shaq UD MVP MVP Watch insert

    90-91 Jordan Hoops (x2)
    91-92 Jordan Hoops
    91-92 Jordan Upper Deck all star
    92-93 Jordan Ultra Jam Session (x2)
    92-93 Jordan Upper Deck Agent 23 (x2)
    92-93 Jordan Upper Deck 2 time Dunk Champion
    92-93 Jordan Upper Deck game faces (x2)
    92-93 Jordan Upper Deck back2back
    93-94 Jordan Upper Deck all star (x3)

    79-80 Reggie Theus RC?
    90-91 David Robinson Hoops RC
    92-93 Alonzo Mourning Upper Deck RC
    93-94 Chris Webber Hoops RC
    01-02 Gilbert Arenas UD MVP RC
    01-02 Jamal Tinsley UD MVP RC
    01-02 Joe Johnson UD MVP RC
    01-02 Zach Randolph UD MVP RC
    01-02 Jason Richardson UD MVP RC
    01-02 Kwame Brown UD MVP RC
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