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Thread: ozflava please come in

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    ozflava please come in

    I need your wright and stoudamire Reflections Rc Patches /25, lmk a price or check my site!

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    I was collecting the set myself......and I might have considered moving them as a lot, but I'm not going to trade off the 2 best cards. So don't worry about it

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    I saw your site dude, you need all but the why dont you want the rest?? Could it be cause the others are 2 colors? So obviously the 3-4 color patches are best.....judging off your want

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    I only want 3 colors, some can be 2 colors, but they just have to be high sectioned

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    Nvm, I would be interested in all of your reflections rc patches /25, as I will now accept 2 color patches

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