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Thread: Pgi ?

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    Pgi ?


    I was wondering if PGI rating is respected throughout the comunity as much as is BGS or BCCG, as i was planning on getting some PGI graded cards.



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    never heard of them. wouldn`t bother to be honest unless they have a card you want at a reasonable cost. You can always crack open their case and resubmit to BGS or PSA.

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    Ya I really doubt that they are at all repuitable or even if they are a true grading company at all.

    This guy has about 3000 pgi graded cards and every single on of them is a 10. Kind of wonder if it is his own grading company.

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    thanks for the reply guys, i thought it was a lil weird that ALL pgi graded cards on the bay are perfect 10s myself...

    Ey, gotta respect the number one draft pick from europe eh? :)

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    Strabge to see every card graded a perfect 10. Where does one get the cases to do that?

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    they sell those at wal-mart like"find a graded rookie card from a star"so im like kool spend $15 on it open it up and its pgi 10 rondell white rookie......when was rondell white ever a star

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    Quote Originally Posted by anaheimnational
    when was rondell white ever a star
    He had about 2 months of lime light in his rookie year. Does he even play anymore???

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