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Thread: Preferred box buy?

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    Preferred box buy?

    I haven't bought a box of cards in several years, never bought a hockey box. I'm fairly new to hockey collecting. I'm more of a buy-a-card on COMC or Ebay kind of guy versus buying a box of cards. I always feel scammed afterwards. Spend $50 on a box and the highlight is a $4 autograph.

    so, any suggestions on a good box to buy? I'm looking for a box under $100.

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    13/14 UD, either series 1 or 2 is a good buy for arund $80. Series 2 is probably the best best. Also this year UD coming out Wed. for around $90 CDN. 6 RCs, 4 Canvas cards, inserts and 2 game used per box.
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