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    Mike Conley 07-08 Topps Trademark Moves patch question

    I just won this nice patch of Mike Conley from eBay:

    mikeconley200708toppstrademarkmovesrelicsinthepaintpatch.jpg img234.jpg

    One problem: it's not listed in either Beckett or the SCF OPG here.

    Is it legit? It looks fine. There were a zillion parallels in Trademark Moves, so perhaps it just got overlooked?

    LMK if you can provide any additional info or insight. Thanks.

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    Hey Khendra,
    I think it's this one they say it's serial #ed on beckett but they didn't state the print run

    I guess since the background is blue then it's the blue version. Here are all the Conley's from that set.
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    Perhaps that's the one. Thanks. Wish they listed the print run as well.

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    I don't remember any of these GU having patches in them. I know I had all the Jermaine O'neal's and don't remember it having a patch, I dont have the card anymore. I have a few of Bosh from this set, however not the /25. After looking at some on ebay, the triple patches are /25 with the blue and there'e some rc auto patches that ae /25 with the blue, so maybe it's legit

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    Sure hope so. I'm thinking most likely scenario is they got overlooked due to there being a boatload of parallels in the set.

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    That looks like a piece of the grizzles logo which would be awesome.

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