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    Dwight Howard is headache-inducing

    Watched the Thunder-Rockets game tonight. For a low-scoring affair, it kept my attention throughout due to the great defense and competitiveness.

    However, once again, Dwight Howard was just painful to watch on offense.

    I cannot come up with anyone else in the history of the NBA who has possessed so much physical talent, and yet so little tactical or strategic intelligence when it comes to knowing what to do with the ball.

    Knowing his physical gifts, the Rockets understandably and frequently look to set him up. Dwight likes to take a few dribbles, run to the side, and try to fling up lay-ups. He often goes to the side where there's the most coverage. He rarely uses hook shots. He often doesn't use his body to best advantage. He rarely utilizes jump shots when it would be more appropriate.

    It's just maddening. He is so freaking clueless what to do in the tactical moment. He can't figure out defensive strategies. He just can't think.

    After one particularly bone-headed decision, I saw Kevin McHale popping a pill on the sidelines. It must be so frustrating with him and Hakeem trying to work with Dwight. Those guys could think with the ball. Dwight doesn't know what to do. If it weren't for his size and athleticism, he'd be out of the league.

    Okay, end rant. I get so tired when people occasionally try to defend this guy. Great talent; excruciatingly dumb player.

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    AGREED I cannot stand when he is mentioned as a top 10 talent right now. He is big and strong and a good defender.THATS IT
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    He's kind of like Shaq with a wet diaper stapled to his face.

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    Dug up this commentary by Kareem last year:

    So Kareem agrees with me, as do many others.

    Dwight's reply was kind of funny. He naturally brought up his defensive accomplishments. I'm sure Kareem had Dwight's post game in mind, though. That is where he's most disappointing. A guy with his body, athleticism, and experience should be getting 25-30 points a night, no questions asked - especially in today's game. He's not facing competition like Shaq, Ewing, David Robinson, and Hakeem in their prime. Everyone who's honest knows that today's crop of big men is weaker than in recent past generations.

    Anyway, as tough as OKC's defense was tonight, there were more than a few possessions where Dwight's decision-making was just blatantly bad. Any other big man with above-average offensive basketball IQ would have made better moves.

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    I try and cheer for DH12, however it's always disappointing, he really should be avg. at least 25/13 a game. He should be over powering most people that are trying to defend him. I still think he one of the best center in the league, however he should be considered the best one in the league and it seems like that is never going to happen.

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    He always seems to be the biggest disappointment in the NBA for me. He's not a bust and he's not really overrated but he is just more baffling. It is like somebody driving around in a Ferrari all day but they don't go more than 20 MPH. The dude on paper should logically6 be dominating the NBA with its lack of big men but he doesn't. I don't think he is some mentally challenged person that is keeping him from succeeding but more like he has a guy who is bad at basketball stuck in a guy's body who should do well at basketball kind of thing.
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    So DH is ranked 10 ?
    Wow, well, Curry is number one right now, and I'm giving him a perfect score of 100. He is smoking hot right now.
    I tell you something, the drop from 1-10 is damn steep, because DH is at best, half the talent Curry is.

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    Dwight's limitations are in his own head

    Upstairs, he's fragile and that cascades to everything else

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