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Thread: Looking to trade!!!!!!

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    Looking to trade!!!!!!

    got some others in my bucket as well please let me know what you would have for trade....

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    Your bucket link isn't working.

    Here's mine if you want to take a look:

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    Just doing this for fun! Perspective! Galatians 6:9
    In memory of my son (my collecting buddy), Aaron 4/8/88-4/8/05

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    hmmm that's weird I just clicked on it and it worked that is weird......

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    Didnt work for me. Were you logged in when u copied the link. Some times that messes things up

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    still not working
    looking for dan marino , ryan tannehill, mike wallace, bob griese ,larry csonka ,tom brady and peyton manning autos Hidden Content Hidden Content

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    That one worked. Check me for your Cooks please

    Collecting: Dallas Cowboys Gold Parallels From '91-Present,
    Cowboys Topps Finest Refractor Base From 1994-2001, Cowboys Mugs, Cola Bottles/Cans
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    Interested in the Cook auto.....alittle in Ball.....WISH HE WOULD PLAY AND NOT GET HURT!! hahahha

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    Great interest in Yanks, Ravens and Celts.......

    WILL ONLY TRADE TO United States and Canada without prior APPROVAL!

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