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    who will win Most Improved Player

    right now my vote goes to Gilbert Arenas, then Ricky Davis, but Michael Redd has an outside shot

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    I say gilbert Arenas he is leading Golden State in most stats

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    Ricky Davis

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    Ricky Davis by far. I watched him in HS whole I resided in Davenport playing along side my son I then thought of him as an up and coming star of the NBA. He had the moves and made most of the players in his age group look like novices. College had him have to buckle down and work on his faults and I believe he is still working but it is coming to a head and his finesse is starting to arise again.......All my votes to him.

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    I got to vote for Davis, he's impressed me a lot this year when I had given up on the guy.

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    I agree definately Davis

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    Areanas baby

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