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    Hi all,
    What is a somewhat inexpensive nice set or cards to try and collect? Looking to start a vintage collection going.
    Thank you :)

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    1972-73 Topps. There's only one really expensive card in that set, which is Dr. J's rookie.

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    For basketball you can collect a lot of vintage basketball sets for pretty cheap compared to other sports minus the ones with popular star rookie cards and in then in those cases you only have one or two tough cards to get.

    On a side note I always imagined vintage basketball might be a good investment long term since basketball cards were always made in lesser quantities than vintage football and basketball but it doesn't seem like US or foreign basketball collectors really care that much about anything pre Jordan outside of Bird and Magic.
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    Jordan fleer rc 86 sticker could be had for less than $100. Steal for such an iconic set.

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    If you go for the 1972 set I have quite a bit of unsigned duplicates. I am trying to get the entire set signed. I would say more importantly, go for a set that appeals to you visually. I don't think any sets before 1986 Fleer would be all that difficult.

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    Awesome thank you all for the feedback! I been looking and actually like 74-75 topps.
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