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    Oilers Booed All the Way to the Locker Room (Ouch)

    Things are getting ugly in Edmonton.
    With management reportedly searching for a top-line center and the head coach calling Saturday's 7-1 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks the longest game he can remember, the Oilers' faithful are voicing their displeasure even louder than usual.
    Case in point: as the players left the ice following the Saturday's defeat, fans of all ages mercilessly booed and taunted the team.

    Here's the video. Hard to watch this even if you're not an Oilers fan:
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    For the effort they put in last night, that was exactly what they deserved. And I'm an Oilers fan. The fan base in Edmonton has been patient long enough. It would be one thing if they were putting in a decent effort, but they look like they don't care.

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    OK. I am not an Oiler fan at all.

    The first part of this that is rediculous is the team has to walk through to concourse to get to their room. Get an arena where the players go into a private area when they leave the ice.

    My team is the Wild, so my team isn't anything special either, but don't boo the players. With the exception of the Cup run 7-8? years ago, I have watched this Oiler organization for years, as they used to be in the same division, sign or draft forward after forward and never address the goaltender of D core problems at all.

    Boo the management and owner for the terrible rosters put together. It's not the bad players brought in from all around the world's fault that they aren't good enough...

    Now I hear there might be a trade. Get rid of some forward and bring in Anisimov or someone like that... Wow, problem solved. The roster is perfect after that.. Lipstick on a pig...

    --------You can never win with weak defensemen and goailes---------------
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    When things are going well, that entrance for the players is a big part of the charm of the building (I plan to get to a game next year, before they close it, and I absolutely want to hang around that entrance at one intermission) but how can you blame the fans for the booing?

    Kevin Lowe did a good job putting a team together back in 2005-06. I really believe that Pronger didn't demand a trade after the season... he asked for it much earlier (around Christmas) while acknowledging that it probably couldn't happen during the year, he just needed to be elsewhere come puck drop the following season. What did Lowe do? He went for it, tweaked the lineup.... brought in a new goalie... and while everyone likes to point at that team as an example of "just make the playoffs and anything can happen" I don't believe they were a "real" 8th place team. That team would have finished much higher in the standings if they'd had their March 1st lineup the entire season.

    Since then? Virtually everything Oilers management has done, has been a disaster. With the exception of David Perron, I can't recall a trade that I think they really "won". They've used high picks on players that I think made sense (I won't disagree with any of their last 6 first round picks. They took the guy I think I would have taken too, had I been drafting in that slot) but unless they're picking in the top 10.... they can't draft to save their lives, they can't sign free agents without overpaying for marginal talent, and they have a very hard time trading for anyone that can make any sort of impact.

    The coaching carousel has been a joke. MacTavish was the coach during that run. They fired him after the 2008-09 season (which was probably time he went). Since then? Pat Quinn (1 year), Tom Renney (2 years), and Ralph Kreuger (1 year) were all hired and fired at a time I would call "early". They were scapegoats for how poorly the roster was constructed. Eakins is the guy behind the bench right now. While I believe he was an awful hire (the team has never looked as good under Eakins as it did under Kreuger) he's hanging onto his job right now, so he can be canned at the end of the season when the Oilers will "finally get their coach" press the reset button, and need a couple of years more to figure it all out.

    Upper management it the problem. This team is going to continue to suck as long as Kevin Lowe is top of the food chain. It's not that I don't like him, it's not that I don't think he's had some (limited) front office success.... but he's way past his best-before date.

    Is it fair to boo the players? Meh. They make big money to play a game. Boo them if you want. I don't have a problem with it. It's the fans showing their frustration with how poorly the team has been run.
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    Just read an article where the scouts reported on Yak's draft and they still rank him as the # 1 Talent....LONG TERM, the biggest jump was D-man Trouba to # 4. At that point did the Oilers need another young forward, or some help on Defense?
    Obviously hindsight is 20-20 so I am just playing devils advocate here, Trouba was a surprise to go at even #9 so the Oliers would have been laughed at for picking him, unless they traded the # 1 for a veteran player and a Top 10 pick. Than have Trouba, plus the extra pick, Filip Forsberg perhaps?

    Knowing what is known now...would the Oil, if they could, Replace winger Hall with a much needed #1 center, Seguin, plus Yakapov and RNH for Trouba and Hamilton plus a few vets for trading away the last 2 # 1 picks? Basically Seguin would replace RNH, and the 2 big stud D-man, both future All-Stars, who have made instant impact instead of Yak and Hall? For the Oiler's particular needs, Yes!!
    Yak is the type of talent, even at #1 who would have been perfect going to the Red-Wings and 3 years in the minors, and now, learning how to be a pro under Datsyuk, Zetty etc...

    Anyway the above is the just fantasy based on 20-20...So don't flame, just having fun with what could have been...countless possibilities!!!

    And somewhere in this mix...Still not going anywhere without a #1 Goalie. It is very CLEAR Lowe really is living, and trying to recreate the PAST....who needs a Goalies if RNH is the next 99 and Hall is the next #11 and throw in the next Bure or Kurri with Yak and so forth, but today's NHL simply won't allow that to work even if the new kids were That good.

    Lowe is PROBLEM #1 as Ranford said, remember, this a team if I remember right, could still be paying Vanek 11 M a year? Regardless, he hired Eakin's, which was also a bad hire, regardless of the team he is saddled with.
    Anyway good luck Edmonton! Trying to trade for or sign a real star player, to get them to agree to a trade, go to frozen EDM is next to impossible, especially when they are losing so much. I can relate to that being here in Winnipeg.
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