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    Hell of a pull, congrats. Plan on selling it or keeping it?

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    Pack Feeler!!

    I'm convinced you're a pack feeler! there's no way u get the ONE sweet spot sig in the box with buying only one pack! I see alot of people buying one pack and posting "oh look what I got, and I only bought 1 pack!" Bulls**t!! I can't stand pack feelers! like its been said before on this site, pack feelers take away from the excitement of pulling something, especially for the kids sake. they take away that possibility of a kid pulling a nice card. Now, if you dont do that, and you didn't, and you JUST SO happened to get that card with one pack, Then sorry. But to all those out there who do it.......DON'T! its not right! let everyone have the same chance of getting a card like that! think about it. Anyway, I will agree that it is a nice card.........

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    Tiki, been waiting for someone to say that. The dealer at the show actually picks the packs for you...should have mentioned that. Plus, jealousy is not a good thing.

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