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    WTTF Niners Chrome and Contender Autos

    Looking for the following Non Auto cards:

    1. 1981 Montana RC (PSA or BGS 9....maybe a 8.5)
    2. 1986 Jerry Rice RC (PSA or BGS 9...maybe a 8.5)
    3. 1986 Steve Young RC (PSA or BGS 9...maybe a 8.5)

    ****I would open up Kaep folder with other High End Bridgewater and Garoppolo's on any of the above 3 cards.

    Looking for the following Autos:

    1. 2005 Frank Gore Chrome and Contenders (would also do the 2013 Chrome Auto)
    2. 2005 Alex Smith Chrome and Contenders
    3. 2006 Vernon Davis Chrome and Contenders
    4. 2007 Patrick Willis Chrome and Contenders
    5. 2009 Michael Crabtree Chrome and Contenders (would alsso consider 2013 Chrome Auto)
    6. 2010 NaVorro Bowman Chrome and Contenders
    7. 2011 Aldon Smith Chrome and Contenders
    8. 2011 Colin Kaepernick Autos (basically any but will be picky)

    Many of these are not high end so if trading down I expect to get more back. Have a few Garoppolo and Bridgewater Autos for trade in bucket and a Lacy Prism /15 (this I will not trade down on unless its a great deal.

    Please leave a picture in post and at least post prior to PM. I'm easy to work with just focusing on my Niner PC.
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