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    2014 Topps Kickoff Coins LTTF Bills Autos

    I have the following 2014 Kickoff Coins for trade and I am looking to trade for buffalo bills autos that I don't currently have.

    NFLK C-EM - Eli Manning/Giants
    NFLK C-DM - Demarius Moore/Raiders

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    Hey Curtis!! I Could REALLY Use That Eli Manning Coin. I Don't Think I Have Any Bills Autos At This Time. Would Ya Trade For Anything Else Beside Autos OR Possibly Sell. Please LMK My Friend.

    Thanks, John

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    Hey Curtis!! These Are The Only Bills Card's I Have.

    '01 Absolute Mem. "Tools Of The Trade" Triple GU Facemaks Ser#023/125 #TT-37 Eric Moulds

    '02 Pacific Heads UP Quad GU Jsy's #4 Reggie germany/Shawn Bryson/Sammy Morris/Jay Riemersma

    '05 R&S GU RC Jsy Ser#188/750 #273 Roscoe Parrish

    '08 R&S Longevity "Freshman Orientation" GU Jsy Ser#047/100 #FO-7 James Hardy

    '09 Upper Deck "Game Jsy" GU Jsy #GJ-LE Lee Evans

    Have These Insert's & RC's If Ya Could Use Any Also.

    '14 Bowman Foil Black #93 C.J. Spiller
    '13 Donruss Elite "Primary Colors" #7 C.J. Spiller DIE-CUT
    '13 Score "Future Franchise" #302 C.J. Spiller
    '10 Topps Platinum #15 C.J. Spiller RC

    '13 Topps Magic #109 Chris Gragg RC
    '13 Prestige "Extra Points" #212 Chris Gragg RC

    '12 Score Glossy #398 Stephon Gilmore Rc
    '12 Prestige #296 Stephon Gilmore RC
    '12 Topps Gold Ser#0327/2012 #154 Stephon Gilmore RC
    '12 Topps Chrome #26 Stephon Gilmore

    '13 Topps Magic #124 Robert Woods RC

    '13 Topps #363 Kiko Alonso RC
    '14 Score "Hot 100" #326 Kiko Alonso

    '11 UD College Ftball Legends "NCAA All-Americans" #AA-TT Thurman Thomas
    '11 UD College Ftball Legends "Bowl Game Hereos" #BGH-TT Thurman Thomas
    '11 UD College Ftball Legends "1980's Decades Best" #DB-tt Thurman Thomas
    '09 Donruss Classics "Classic Singles" #24 Thurman Thomas
    '09 Threads "Century Legends" #14 Thurman Thomas

    '04 Topps Total #352 Lee Evans RC

    '86 Topps #389 Bruce Smith
    '88 Topps "Topps All-Pro" #227 Bruce Smith
    '04 Topps Bazooka Comics #3 Bruce Smith
    '14 Prestige "Number #1" #9 Bruce Smith

    Thanks, John
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    Hey Curtis!! Read My Last Post Buddy. Never Heard Back from Ya. Looking Forward To Getting Us A Trade Worked Up. I Could Also Buy If Ya Can't Use Any Of The Card's I Listed.

    Thanks, John

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    I can't really use any of those cards. I have been trying to stick with just collecting current autos and GU from within the past 4-5 years. I would be willing to sell, but I'm not sure what it is worth. Please let me know what you think

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    Hey Curtis!!! LMK What Kinda $$ Ya Need For That Eli.

    Thanks, John

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    I have these do you have a trade list lmk.

    2006 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads TT-40 Jim Kelly/J.P. Losman (141/249) $20.00 Buffalo Bills
    2013 Topps Prime Autographs # 109 Robert Woods RC/AUTO (061/250) $12.00 Buffalo Bills
    2011 Limited Monikers Autographs Silver # 173 Johnny White RC/AUTO (066/199) $10.00 Buffalo Bills

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