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Thread: Wanting Playoff Prestiage base

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    Wanting Playoff Prestiage base

    Looking to build a set. Let me know what you have for base and let me know what I can do for them.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Hey!!! I have these:


    RC's: #204 Joe Klopfenstein, #226 Michael huff

    Plus I have that 1 Chad Greenway 06 Prestige ya was wanting...

    I would trade These for a Newer Insert or 2...


    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!

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    the only football inserts I have are:

    Playoff Prestiage:
    Ultra Acheviments Corey Dillion
    Kings of Defense Champ Bailey
    Gridone Heritage Tony Gonzalez
    Turning Pro Hines Ward
    Prestigous Pros Michael Strahan

    My only Manning is a Bowman Best Peyton Manning /#1500.

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    Hey!!!! I Could use the Manning & Hines ward...

    LMK.. If That trade would be Fine Post it...

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!

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    I posted it. Sorry I forgot to put the name of the insert on there. If you want I can post it again. Im a trustworty person though.

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    Hey Josh!!!! No problem.. I trust ya.. Trade is confirmed & Will mail out Monday if the PO is Open...

    Thanks Again for the Trade & It Was a Pleasure......

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!

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    i saw that my po was not open. So i will be sending out wed. but already packaged up

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    Hey Josh!!! Just bought a Couple More packs and have then if ya Need them..

    Base: 101,107,110,128,135,149

    RC's: 216,238


    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!

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