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Thread: WTTF 2014 Prizm base & Rc's...

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    WTTF 2014 Prizm base & Rc's...

    Looking to finish the set. Will trade low end gu and autos for lots.

    Also open to trading for CC...


    Red = pending

    2014 Prizm Base Needs:

    2014 Prizm RC Needs:
    250 A. Murray
    281 D. Adams

    Also Looking for Mike Evans Prizm variation RC's...

    GUed/Auto Trade list:

    Prizm Purple Ref Taylor Lewan Auto /50
    Prizm Dirty Laundry Jarvis Landry (Teal)
    Prizm Dirty Laundry Carlos Hyde (Red)
    Prizm Dirty Laundry KaDeem Carey (Navy)
    Elite New Breed Allen Robinson (blk) /299

    2012 Topps Chris Givens 3 color RC patch (gold/wht/navy)
    2013 Contenders Ryan Griffin RC AUto
    Topps Magic Vick Ballard Auto

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    have these eight from your list # 15,33,64,66,73,135,179,194 looking for saints and LSU players and manning bros

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    Almost there...just need 14 cards to complete the set. PLMK.


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    I have 98 Nelson. I'd take a chrome packer if you have it, or a $.50 gift and I'll mail it to you.

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    Hey Michael!! If Your Still Do This Set I Have 2 Card's For Ya My Friend. Looking For Card's I Need Of Peyton Manning & Andrew Luck OR Looking For Card's From This Set I Need.
    ( '13 Topps Magic Mini Red Ser#/50)

    #41 John Elway & #134 Brian Hartline

    Thanks, John

    Thanks, John

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    I have a few for ya, but not really interested in the gu/autos you have listed. And I couldn't see anything in your bucket. Any low/mid end Bengals??

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    I have the following:
    5,41,55,98,118,129,135,250(Aaron Murray)

    Would be interested in the Carlos Hyde Dirty Laundry

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    I have #'s: 5, 33, 41, 46, 118, 129, 135 and the Davante Adams rc

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