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Thread: My First Trade Up Project

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    My First Trade Up Project

    Hey all,

    I want to try my first "trade up" project. Very rarely do I get personal on here, but my wife is pregnant with our first (a boy) and is due in May so I need to cut back (ie. end) my hobby spending. While it will be sad not to break boxes or pick up PC singles, I can still be active in this hobby while still building a nice collection to pass on to my son. I'd like to try my first "trade up" project, starting with these cards. My hope is to eventually end up with a Gretzky Rookie PSA 8 (or, cross my fingers) better. I know I have high hopes, but I think this will be fun if I can stick to it.

    So there you go, 4 cards that I'd like to trade for one and then I'll move on from there. Hopefully it will be a fun way to still be a part of the hobby while my wallet is on hold.


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