Hello everyone. Today I bought a box of 2003 Fleer Showcase football retail box. I purchased the box for $9.99!Anyone thinking of buying this box... Get it.

2003 Fleer Showcase retail box breakdoown.

First of all these are very nice, cheap cards.

Regular Set- 90 basic cards.

10 avant cards,5 numbered to 350 and five numbered to 650.
10 rookie Avant cards,5 numbered to 350 and 5 numbered to 650.
30 Showcasing Talent,numbered to 750.

8 sweet stitch,1:12
8 hot hands,1:576, 8 Football's Best, 1:12

Game Used memoribilia Insert
Football's Best Memorabilia ,1:144 packs.

I bought a single box for $9.99...A good price. I got one insert wich was a Randy Moss Avant card...Very Nice.
My friend also bought a box, and he got a Mike Vick jersey
LOL..ohh well thats the fun of it.

I suggest buying this cheap box for little one's, or even yourself! Well worth the cheap price:)