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Thread: Football Trade List

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    Football Trade List

    i Need To trade Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssseeeeeeeeeeee
    Daunte Culpepper Topps season opener rc
    daunte culpepper omega rc
    daunte culpepper aurora rc
    troy willi,mson bowman
    ahman green finest
    ahman green tops season opener
    donte stallworth/caldwell honors rc ball card
    fred taylor 00 aurora bakll card
    roy wiliams wr showcase rc
    roy willaims wr ultra gold medallion lucky 13
    michael bennett focus rc
    michael bennett quantem leaf rc x2
    ricky williams rb leaf cet mat gold future rc
    ricky williams rb boe best ref rc
    patrick ramsey topssdebut rc
    david carr donruss rc.................................lmk

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    I was checking your site and liked these
    99 holt finest moments auto
    03 sp authentic burleson
    99 holt edge blue millenium collection

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