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    Team & Player Traders COME IN!!

    Team & Player Traders,
    I just bought up a nice size collection of cards from a friend. Mainly all 05 & 06 products, but some from the past years. There are tons of rookies, inserts, numbered, base, etc. in there.

    I am looking to trade my stuff that you can use for stuff I can use. Just lmk what teams or players you need and I can list what I have if you have what I need.

    I NEED
    -Albert Pujols (anything)
    -St. Louis Cardinals (current & retired)
    -Mark Teixeira
    -Joe Montana

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    hey, do you have any Chris Snee cards? He only had cards in 04... he was a rookie OL for the Giants then. plmk what you have! Thanks a lot!

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    seahawks gu and autos, lofa tatupu, ronnie brown, vernon davis. lmk.

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    what sets was he in, i dont think i have any 04

    i am sure i have some, what do you have in the way of what i need?

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    Julius Jones
    Kellen Winslow Jr.
    Roy Williams (dallas)

    LMK Me.What You Got Thanks.


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    i got about 10-20 total, what do you have in the way of things i need

    i got some, lmk what you have that i need

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    Got some nice cards of the things you want i would like a list so i can see if i have them or not.thanks


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    Snee was in these 04 sets:
    Finite HG
    Sweet Spot
    SP Authentic

    plmk thanks a lot

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